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Nostalgia Delayed

Mixtape for August


I made you a mixtape. You just have to, ya know, get all this music…

But when you do, you have to tell me how it went for you. Deal?

1. Morning — Beck

2. Red Eyes — The War on Drugs

3. Easy — Real Estate

4. Unfucktheworld — Angel Olsen

5. Johnny and Mary (Feat. Bryan Ferry — Todd Terje

6. Salad Days — Mac DeMarco

7. One Day — Sharon Van Etten

8. Peeping Tomboy — Kurt Vile

9. Heart is Drum — Beck

10 Wonder Years — Real Estate

11. Enemy — Angel Olsen

12. Phase — Beck

13. Dreamin — Mac Demarco

14 Girl Called Alex — Kurt Vile

15. Inspector Norse — Todd Terje

16. Best Night — The War on Drugs

17. Love More — Sharon Van Etten

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Who told LinkedIn to email me all day?

The snow reminds me of his face

And even now I see the space

Where he used to stand 

And talk with me

Like any other day

And what an ordinary time

When I’ve got nothing on my mind

Except all the things and the mistakes

That always find their place

And with whom we make our grief

Imagine what a sweet relief

It would be to see them smile again

Like any other day

But I dream you hang your head

And in your house, your home is dead

Where you used to stand and 

Talk with me

Like any other day

4 hours ago - 3

You struggle too much

Like a bird caught in the wind

I was… in the bedroom

Her skin was fair

She said

Do you love me baby

I nodded in reply

It wasn’t a truth

But it wasn’t a lie

I could hear the clamor

Of the cheap window pane

The neighborhood laughter

And the drop of the drain


You struggle too much

You struggle too much

You struggle too much

4 hours ago - 5

Previously unreleased 

Live at Daytrotter

Hope that all your pain is gone

Hope your memories are strong

Remember how far you’ve come

Remember how far you’ve come

I’ve got all these long gone plans

Pictured myself differently than I am

Another year and all I can

Tell you is I’m on my way

Thinking, yeah, someday this all ends

Trying not to pay no mind

Sure am glad that you’re my friend

Sure am glad that you’re my friend

5 hours ago - 3

When the day is weighing down on you

There is room to lay your head


So lay it down

Give your dreams

A steady chance for a change

What is there 

To hold you back?

What is there to pay no mind?

5 hours ago - 1